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Mattie Fielding, portrayed by Griffin Stevens, is a gay man who appeared in the serial in 2018. Mandy Marquez, portrayed by Danielle Henry, is https://datingranking.org/outpersonals-review/ a lesbian that appeared in the serial from 2012 to 2014. Simon Bond, portrayed by David Sturzaker, appeared in the serial from 2009 to 2011.

Robyn Ross, portrayed by Carlotta, appeared in the serial in 1973. Robyn is revealed to be a transgender woman, which leads to her departure. She is the first trans character played by a trans actress anywhere on TV in the world.

Friedman worked under the new ring name Pete Lightning in several CZW Dojo Wars events since 2015, usually in tag team matches with Hous Blazer and Penelope Ford. On the September 7, 2016 edition of CZW Dojo Wars, he returned to his previous ring name Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, he entered the Dramatic Destination Series tournament. On May 13, 2017, at CZW Sacrifices, Friedman defeated Johnny Yuma to win the CZW Wired Championship. He won his first title defense at CZW EVILution, defeating Trevor Lee. He successfully retained the title in further singles matches against Mike Del, John Silver, and Ace Romero. On October 14 at CZW The Wolf of Wrestling, Friedman lost the CZW Wired title to Joey Janela.

She’s been married to Michael Patrick Jann since 2001, and they share a son Lukas and daughter Verity Marion. Jann is an actor, writer and director best known for appearing on MTV’s sketch comedy The State. Married since 2002, Drew’s portrayer and his lovely wife have two children, a son and a daughter. When the couple met, the future Mrs. Mathison was anything but starstruck, the All My Children alum Instagrammed in 2022.

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Yvonne Gleeson, portrayed by Ciara O’Callaghan, is bisexual and dated Connie, who she was engaged to. Dr. Jo Helmke, portrayed by Mickey Hardt, is the gay partner of Oliver. Dr. Tom Seifert, portrayed by Kay Böger, begins a relationship with Ulli.

Peri is perceived as heterosexual until 2018, when she develops feelings for and sleeps with her female homeless friend, Harley Frater . Peri is also now in a relationship with Juliet Nightingale after coming to terms with her feelings. Danny Lomax, portrayed by Stephen Billington, appeared in the serial between 2013 and 2014. Danny is bisexual and despite being married to his wife Sam Lomax , has an affair with John Paul McQueen .

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She’s appeared regularly on General Hospital as a bartender at the Metro Court and a background extra during The Nurses’ Ball. General Hospital fan fave John J. York has been married to Vicki Manners since 1986. They have one daughter, Schyler, and not too long ago became grandparents.

So…who are Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley dating from Bridgerton season 2 and what was their relationship like on set? Read on for more about Bailey and Ashley’s off-screen dating lives and how they compare to Anthony and Kate. If you ship Anthony and Kate, you may be wondering who Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley from Bridgerton season 2 are dating in real life and what their off-screen relationship was like on set.

Imogen initially labels herself as a lesbian, but later dates men too. Unexpectedly, she falls in love with her best friend Juliana Valdés in the midst of all her family troubles. Pádraig Ó Loinsigh, portrayed by Domhnall O’Donoghue, has appeared in the serial since 2012, and is openly gay. In 2018 it is revealed that Pádraig was once married to a woman named Sonia before he realised he was gay, and they have a son together. The marriage ended when Sonia caught Pádraig in bed with her brother. Jack Hayes, portrayed by Diarmuid De Faoite, an openly gay character, appeared in the serial between 1996 and 1999, returning in 2009, was in relationships with Tom Doherty and Owen Collins.

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Season two famously left off with the Pogues and their new friend from the Bahamas, Cleo narrowly escaping their enemies and landing on a deserted island somewhere in the Caribbean. And then, a bombshell is revealed–John B.’s father is alive, after the locals of Outer Banks had long assumed he was dead. Briana Nicole Henry, who played Commissioner Jordan Ashford, is married to musician Kris Bowers. Before joining General Hospital, she played Esmeralda on Young & Restless. Bowers and Henry married in June of 2020 during the middle of the pandemic and thus had a smaller wedding complete with custom face masks to mark the special day. Bowers is known for composing soundtracks to series such as Dear White People and Bridgerton.

Luke Fuller, portrayed by Billy Campbell in the original series, is Steven’s coworker with whom he falls in love despite being married to Claudia. Chris Deegan, portrayed by Grant Goodeve in the original series, is a gay lawyer friend of Steven’s whom Blake mistakes as his son’s lover. Brent is an old friend of Sonny’s from his adventuring days, who comes to town when Sonny is living with Will, Gabi and Arianna, and tries to lure Sonny away from their family life together. Neil Hultgren, played by Jesse Kristofferson, is a gay friend of Sonny and Will, who is kissed by Will in the show’s „first gay kiss“, in February 2012. Marissa Tasker, portrayed by Sarah Glendening, appeared in the serial between 2009 and 2011. Marissa is originally perceived as straight but later falls in love with, and develops a loving relationship with Bianca.